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Cocaine “Volkswagen” 90% Pure

Cocaine “Volkswagen” 90% Pure


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Volkswagen Cocaine is used as a stimulatory drug used for enjoying and recreation. This drug has also some medicinal purposes like numbing. It acts on our brain by stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters and giving hangovers. Its receptors have also an influence on the nerve cells. It is most widely used in America and Europe. Its effects are the same as cannabis. It can be smoked, vaporized, inhaled, or consumed orally. Some people use needles to inject them into the body. “Coca” is the plant from which cocaine is extracted. It was used in the past by many cultures who consumed it as rituals and for religious ceremonies.


Its effects are the same as Crystal Meths because of its effects on the central nervous system. Its effects usually include hallucination, visual and auditory imaginations, large pupils, and increased body temperature. People also use Volkswagen cocaine to fight with depression and anxiety issues. People take them as recreation in dance parties and as a source of fun. They cause effects by inhibiting the reuptake of neurotransmitters e.g., serotonin. For newbies, the effects of Volkswagen Cocaine are followed by sweating and mixed feelings of emotions like happiness. It shows its effects in seconds and usually lasts for only 30-40 minutes.

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