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Sour Diesel X (Afghani X Hawaiian)

Sour Diesel X (Afghani X Hawaiian)

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This product is obtained from bag seed which Stock found during living in New York. Most people are going to say that seed was really a Sour Diesel phenotype, but it may possibly have been the initial Diesel strain or some other strain with identical terpene structure.

Everything having said, it seems speculated that Soma mixed this bag seed to the common Afghani X Hawaiian male plant in Shantibaba.


This creates an enthusiastic feeling which could enable ideal to explore a town or become actively involved in some way. It would seem to stimulate the mind and make this struggle through thoughts, makes it the perfect alternative among performers finding the stream of their creative energy.


This sample feels the same as the odor for Sour Diesel, but with much more of a fragrance to all of it. The moisture is clear, leaving an odorous taste in the mouth with insatiably hungry which is identical to biscuits.

Upon diagnosing with the NYC Diesel, clients still in need of chronic stress control should consider that it is a decent choice. This pressure can also be noddy-if you don't have any manual labor to really do, it might be generally reserved for weekends or holidays.

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